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Hello, I’m Nuo Wen Lei from Shanghai, current studying at Brown University, class of 2026. My personal interests mainly lie in the realm of understanding humanities and the world around me through the lens of data and logic.

I’m also a tennis and squash player (clip of me playing tennis) as well as a Japanese-cuisine appreciator with ramen and chicken wings being my favorite.

This website is a gallery of the projects I’ve done. It shows how my interests developed over time from computer science to web design to data science and AI.

I hope you find something interesting or just enjoy your time on this website!

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Quick Overview

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COVID Death Trend Analysis and AI Prediction
After an initial analysis of the COVID death trends and trial of basic AI methods, I dive deeper into finding other AI techniques to predict the death trends.

Epilepsy Detection AI Web App
I hosted an AI I created with friends that determines if someone is experiencing epilepsy based on EEG brain waves.

Hackathon Winning Project - Explorantine
Our Hackathon team created a web app to help local businesses bring in customers.

Investment Bot
I created a pipeline that analyzes web data and invests on an Investopedia simulator.

Mask Detection AI Web App
I created and hosted an AI on the internet that detects if people are wearing masks in an image.

PAC Donation Analysis Website
I analyzed and visualized the relationship between foreign-connected company donations with US Congress representation.

R Tutorial Package Contribution
Over the summer of 2021, I work with a professor to help improve an R tutorial package.

Senior Project - Model Interpreter
For my final spring semester in high school, I aimed to create a neural network interpreter as my senior project.

Shanghai Property Analysis Website
I created a website that visualizes the relationship between properties and position in Shanghai.

WeChat Miniprogram - WangWang
With friends, we are creating a WeChat miniprogram accessible to all WeChat users that can match tennis players with others who play in the same area.

Wordle and Quordle AND OCTORDLE Solver
As a fun spring break project, I created an algorithm that can live solve Wordle, Quordle, and Octordle with probability.

As part of my software engineering class (CS0320), my team created a data matching website that matches people into friend groups based on similarities in questionnaire answers.